Silent Safar

Join us as we break the silence of a Silent Safar, a journey that does not have to be kept quiet anymore. Through a harmony of painting, calligraphy, poetry, and spoken word, we will be challenging stereotypes, questioning society's values, and bringing awareness to issues.


This process will be a learning experience, not only for viewers and readers,  but for us as well, as we unlearn colonization and embrace our identities. Through a series of confessions, we present to you: Silent Safar.

Confession 2: Balancing Identity

Silent Safar, wear it like a crown

Confession 2: Balancing Identity

Whether you are a first generation child in a country far from where your roots are, or someone who has immigrated from home to a new place, balancing identity can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, we even feel rejected or alienated by both places. Here is one personal reflection of this situation.

Confession 1: Wear it like a crown

Silent Safar, wear it like a crown

Confession 1: Wear it like a crown

Society has etched into our minds that having dark skin makes us inferior and less attractive than those with fairer skin. Dark skin is wrongfully associated with negative traits, and the effect of this is very damaging. It decreases self esteem and affects mental well being, leading to poor outcomes in life.


It is time that we decolonize our minds and unlearn this colourism. We should not be judged by the colour of our skin, but by the qualities we possess. Those are what make us truly beautiful. 

About Us

Harman Kaur is a 20 year old Sikh writer, spoken word artist, and the founder of the Chunni Project, a movement that aims to empower and support women. 

Instagram: @_harmankaur


Rupy C. Tut is an Indian miniature painter and calligrapher, using centuries old art forms to explore themes of heritage, identity and displacement. 

Instagram: @artbyrupy

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©2018 by art by Rupy C. Tut.