LIMITED EDITION - Only a handful left.

Hand painted gold color details are added to each print.


Gouache & ink on handmade hemp paper

Giclee print with gold feature

12”X16” or 30.5cmX40.6cm


It's impossible to speak of Life without speaking of love. In this piece inspired by the lines beginning with "ਪ੍ਰੀਿਤਲਗੀਤਿਸੁਸਚਸਿਉਮਰੇਨਆਵੇਜਾਇ...." I have strived to explore the meaning of "Preet" or love as we express it and embody it. Whether the love is for that one special person in your life, a cause, nature, or the one True God, its beauty is difficult to express.


This piece is also a prayer to the one True Almighty, "who does not die, who does not come & go, is not separate from us, is within each and every being & us, the one who relieves our pain and suffering, and returns our love only with the utmost honesty and truest affections." The piece is in the Indian miniature painting style. It took about 80 hours of painting, almost 30 small brush strokes per leaf, a total of four primary colors, about 85 Gurmukhi characters, a heart filled with immense love, hands full of aching joy, and an intention to express the love I feel for my one True Love.

One true love